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Organizer ~ Educator ~ Researcher ~ Artist 

Alexia Leclercq is a grassroots organizer, scholar, and artist. She has led dozens of environmental justice campaigns from passing national climate and chemical reform legislation and fighting for clean water, to addressing aggregate mining pollution, relocating toxic tank farms, and organizing mutual aid. Alexia is the co-founder of the Colorado River Conservancy under PODER and a political education non-profit named Start: Empowerment. Her curriculum has reached over 120,000 students across the United States and her work has been recognized by the NYC Department of Education, NYU Global Awards Center, and featured on platforms like Bloomberg, Washington Post, Yahoo, Guardian, Austin Statesman, and more. She has also won the prestigious Brower Youth Award, Jericho Activism Prize, and the 2022 WWF Conservation Award. Alexia served as the 2022 UN Youth Assembly Ambassador and has also been invited to speak at various events such as COP27,  Global Peace Education Conference, Bioneers conference, CUNY Climate Education Conference, and Princeton University, etc. Alexia graduated Summa Cum Laude from New York University where she published research on the commodification of land, and the impact of climate health during covid-19 and is currently a graduate student at Harvard University. Her other passions include art, poetry, and spending time with horses. 

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